Arsenal And Man City Losing Out To Chelsea?

So we’ve got no money to spare but we’ve signed another youngster – or so we’re told.

Apparently we’ve agreed a fee of £1.5million for Turkish central midfielder Abdulkadir Kayali and he’ll join us next month on a five year deal.

Doesn’t help Scolari out much but I guess the consolation is that both Arsenal and Man City, who were rumoured to have made offers for the 17 year old, miss out.


5 Responses

  1. Lol we dont need to buy foreign talent, Manchester City’s Acadamy is the BEST on Great Britain.

    You did not beat City to anyone sigh.

    We have Produced the best upcoming Attacking Winger in Europe able to play left or right in the form of Vladimir Weiss. Tipped to exceed C Ronaldo by many a coach in Great Britain.

  2. Arsenal hardly need another 17 yr old whiz kid to be the saviour to their season , he wont do all that well at Chelsea either , they will a 33 yr old pensioner like Miniero than play a youngster

  3. We will STILL beat you in the youth cup..with home grown talent..

  4. What’s the point of buying youngsters if we’re not gonna play them? By now, Stoch and Sinclair should have had at least a couple of full games under their belt this season.

  5. You’re right Abhishek – no money available for players we actually need and yet we’ll keep bringing in these youngsters who never get given a chance anyway. I know Di Santo’s injured right now but with us out of the Carling Cup, is he likely to get any more chances this season? Highly unlikely.

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