Chelsea: Where Does Adriano Fit In?

Well, it looks as if it’s more or less confirmed that Adriano will be leaving Inter in January, with Jose Mourinho quoted as saying “Adi will not be playing with us any more and this really saddens me, as I would have preferred to keep him here until at least June.” The question is, is he heading for Stamford Bridge?

The suggestion seems to be that he is, for six months at least, until Scolari can see what difference he makes during a loan spell. But what difference would he make?

Chelsea, as we know, probably at the cost of our home form, don’t play two up front and whilst I’d like to think it’s Scolari’s plan to start playing two up front at home, therefore justifying the need for a striker in reserve, I just can’t see it.

As it is, with the system(s) Scolari uses, Nicolas Anelka has surely done enough to keep his place? And we’ve been told time and again that Drogba’s going nowhere. So where exactly does Adriano fit in then?

Is Adriano going to fancy coming to keep our bench warm? I can’t see it somehow. But then I can’t see any justification for pushing Anelka out either – well, not as far as away games go anyway.

It’s a strange one this.

4 Responses

  1. 4-3-3 for home games? =D

  2. With the 3 big egos up there? You sure?

  3. Maybe if they fight over the ball or for position, it will generate some unusual openings.

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