Ashley Cole Putting His Foot In It

Ashley Cole really doesn’t do himself any favours does he?

As if being caught speeding over 100mph in a 50mph zone isn’t bad enough, he then has the front to actually deny the charge.

Cole didn’t turn up for his trial, although had apparently told police at the time he thought he was only doing 80mph – still, the police being as fickle as they are, decided that wasn’t ok with a 50mph limit. Funny that!

So, Cole might not be getting to take his Lamborghini Gallardo out for many more spins after sentencing is passed at the end of this month, with Richard Lomax, prosecuting, saying “The defendant was stopped and spoken to and the words he said at the time, when it became plain that somebody was pointing a speed camera at him, were: ‘Can’t you do anything about those idiots who keep chasing me?’.  The Crown says there can be no other sensible construction of the words uttered by Mr Cole at the time than that he was conceding he was driving at a speed more than 50mph. It is plain that he found the attention of persons with cameras unwelcome and he was trying to get away from them. The only sensible inference therefore is that he was going too quickly.”

What you might call ‘banged to rights’.