TheChelseaBlog is the ramblings of a lifelong, die-hard Chelsea fan, newly established following one of my more disillusioned years – and trust me, there’s been a few of them. From the high of my first game as a 7-year old until the appointment of Grant, there’s been a lot of highs and lows following Chelsea. It’s not always been the easiest job in the world and I usually find a sense of both irony and humour helps.

The blog is a frequently updated collection of articles relating to all things Chelsea. A sometimes cynical, although I’d like to think usually realistic perspective, with maybe even the odd bit of praise where it’s due.

Whether you agree or disagree, feel free to leave comments but more importantly, enjoy!


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  1. Great blog! Keep it up. I`m a South African and love soccer (football) and I`m a Arsenal fan (don`t shoot me) but am currently leaning to be Chelsea fan. Just know in SA Chelsea FC is loved!

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